Petit. Что-то маленькое 
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Petit. Что-то маленькое 
Вступил 22.02.2009
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Today, issues relating to the transport and display of
artworks frequently determine the choice of form for any
particular chosen content.

Modern artists often have to bear in mind requirements such as mobility
and compactness. Yet are these really limitations? Or can these limited conditions serve as an
incentive in the discovery of new and interesting formulas for self-expression?

These thoughts led us to the idea of the "Petit" project which united artists of
different generations and different cultural traditions from Europe, Asia and

Mobility as the main demand to the works of participants
allows to realise the idea of an exposition in a suitcase
which makes it convenient to bring the
show to different countries. At the same time, the
exhibition is growing and changing, becoming a collection:
a sort of mobile museum that can exist
virtually in any space.
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