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Petit Curators: Sergey Balovin, Louise Morin. Once, viewers and art only met in the spacious interiors of cathedrals and palaces, determining the format and scale of the artworks. However, over time the space inhabited by the viewers changed, as did the fundamental concept of space. As a result, artists were faced with new challenges, and their working conditions changed. Today, issues relating to the transport and display of artworks frequently determine the choice of form for any particular chosen content. Modern artists often have to bear in mind requirements such as mobility and compactness. Yet are these really limitations? Or can these limited conditions serve as an incentive in the discovery of new and interesting formulas for self-expression? These questions led us to the idea of the Petit project. We invited over twenty artists to the exhibition, all of whom work in different areas and originate from different countries: France, Germany, Brazil, Russia. Selecting mobility as the main condition for artworks submitted to the project allows us to put the idea of an “exhibition in a suitcase” into action. That in turn enables the exhibition to travel to different cities and countries. At the same time, the exhibition is growing and changing, becoming a collection: a sort of mobile museum that can exist virtually in any space. All the time the exhibition’s scenography is changing. The space needed for this exhibition can vary from a few meters to a few hundred meters.
petit в альбоме «Beijing, Rade Gate Residense, 2010»
smoloskyp в альбоме «Rennes, Gallery Sortie Des Artistes, 2009»
smoloskyp в альбоме «Rennes, Gallery Sortie Des Artistes, 2009»
smoloskyp в альбоме «Rennes, Gallery Sortie Des Artistes, 2009»
petit в альбоме «Voronezh, Kramskoy Museum of Fine Arts, 2009»
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